It took a pandemic to slow us down.

The world has been an ever changing fast paced lane until now. No one has ever expected this but it happened. All of a sudden, the idea of spending weeks making recipes after recipes, and enjoying these scrumptious food while basking in the glorious afternoon sun doesn’t seem so bad. In fact, one could argue that this is the best possible positivity of the pandemic.
The ‘slow lifestyle” is back in trend. But it’s actually interesting because it has always been here all-along through the years.

So what “slow living” really means? It is the slower pace of life, consciously making effort to be more present in the moment, and therefore living more balanced, meaningful and one that is shaken off all the glittering of the world and be content with simple joys of life.

Suja was born out of the desire of living a more conscious and authentic life. And that has led to a new journey of developing a brand which captures the essence of slow living through an array of ethically made & hand-crafted objects for your home that will be treasured for years to come.